Cannot access Dashboard for days. Yet can access drive from WDMyCloud

  1. I cannot access the drive from Finder/Go/Access Server and pasting the IPaddress. 

  2. I cannot access the Dashboard from any browser (Windows or Mac) 

  3. I can access shares by going to WDMyCloud and opening shares in finder as Admin. 

  4. Can access drive from mobile with WDMyCloud. 

  5. I have tried to install WDQuick View as an aid on Yosemite Mac OSX  but nothing happens after it is installed. 

Can anyone please explain why the dasboard is impossible to access at the moment, when I can access the drive otherwise?



Hello mirkokid, be sure both your computers and the My Cloud are part of the same workgroup.

-To verify the workgroup name on your Mac go to System Preferences. Then, look for the Internet & Wireless section and click Network.

-The Network pane displays a list with your network connections. Select the active network connection, the one for which you want to change the workgroup.

-Click Advanced and you are shown the properties of the selected network connection. 

-In the Workgroup field, type the new workgroup name you want to use. It must be the same name used by other computers in the network, to facilitate easy sharing of folders and devices.

-To verify the workgroup name on the My Book Live, check page 67 of the manual.

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Hei Jubei04,

I don’t understand how your solution may help. Page 72 of the manual shows how to see the workgroup name from the dashboard. This is precisely the only area I CANNOT access based on my preview query. 

I have accessed the advanced section of the network settings and my current workgroup is the default WORKGROUP. This doesn’t seem to have been changed apart from an alternative WORKGROUP name I had created eralier which was not selected. 

Regarding WINS setup. When it asks for an IP address, is this the routers’ IP address. 

Anyway, in essence the issue I need resolved is how can I access my Dashboard. Can you help?