Cannot access Apps

Ever since I upgraded, I haven’t been able to get at apps. The Apps page shows “Loading…” I need to check and possibly restart an app. How do I do this?

See if this KB article helps:

Thanks. I’ll try it this evening.

Well, I got as far as trying to ssh into the NAS from my Mac terminal.

You have instructions up at for Firmware and 04.xx.xx-xxx but not 5.* so I tried the 4.* instructions.

When I entered
sshd root@
I got the response
sshd re-exec requires execution with an absolute path
That’s new.

How do we ssh in to OS 5?

OK, so there’s now a notice that the login for the latest OS is now sshd rather than root. I have tried that, with the same result.

Any idea what is causing this message? Is it due to the way that OS 5 appears to redirect logins to the cloud?

I’m trying to be able to access my apps, and I’m told that I have to ssh in to the NAS to place a JSON file in the right place.

How is this possible?