Cannot access all computer drives with WinDlg


I have a Windows 8 Pro machine on which I have configured a storage space involving 4 WDC internal SATA drives with model nos WD10 EZRX-00A8LB0, WD10 01FALS-00J7B0, WD50 00AAKS-65YGA0 and WD50 00KS-00MNB0. When I fire up Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics v1.24 I see 4 drives that are associated with the Storage Space but there are duplicates of the two 500Gb drives and the 1Tb drives do not get listed at all.
My Intention is to run full diagnostics on ALL the drives comprising the Storage Space because I suspect there might be a problem with the disk drives. When I run diagnostics currently on the WD50 00KS-00MNB0 model drive the system will crash during the Extended Test. Running the Extended Test on the other WD50 model drive there is no apparent issue.

Wondering why the diagnostic tool does not see all the drives in my system.


Hi, when you say “Storage Space” do you mean an external enclosure where all of the hard drives are connected? To use DLG it is recommended to run the test with the hard drive connected directly to the PC motherboard. 

In Windows 8 Pro you can group internal disk drives together into a storage pool. Then you can use pool capacity to create storage spaces.

Storage spaces are virtual drives that appear in File Explorer. You can use them like any other drive, so it’s easy to work with files on them.

You can create large storage spaces and add more drives to them when you run low on pool capacity.

If you have two or more drives in the storage pool, you can create storage spaces that won’t be affected by a drive failure—or even the failure of two drives, if you create a three-way mirror storage space.

So in my situation all the drives are internal SATA drives connected off the motherboard.