Cannot access admin

Hello. I cannot access My Cloud Home’s web browser admin. I am able to find the drive on my network by using the IP address. However when I try to visit\admin I get the following error: {“key”:“notFound”,“message”:“Not Found”}

When I go to and sign into my cloud home I get onto the site but none of my files are there. When I create a folder there as a test, it does not appear on the physical drive. It’s as if the admin page is disconnected from the drive.

If I go to the Network tab in Windows, click on my computer name, then I do see a folder called “My Cloud” with a bunch of numbers and letters after it and inside there is the test folder I made.

Strangely, I have gotten emails to tell me that the drive is almost full, which is correct. It just seems like they are not completely talking to each other.

I’ve turned on all the Windows network discovery options, sharing on public networks, etc.

I can also access the drive over FireTV, VLC Media Player picks it right up to stream videos.

Thanks in advance!

Have you checked out the User Manual?

User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

I hope you are not getting paid money for responses like that.

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If you could not find what you need in that link, try this one.
My Cloud Home (