Cannot access a particular topic


This topic that I really need to replace a HDD in My Book Live is somehow unavailable: it tells me “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

What is wrong? What should I do besides owning a WD product to access this essential information?

if it’s “WD Community Archives” then those are locked and for read-only reference

This forum … WD My Book Live Replace Failed Drive

has access though (just tested)

The main issue is giving you an answer to your question. The MyBookLive was not designed to be field serviceable. Opening the enclosure would void the warranty. Also, the drive contains part of the operating system so replacing the drive isn’t possible.

That feels exceedingly strange. Motherboard malkers allow us flashing new BIOS, router makers allow this to - and of course in case you do something stupid, it is entirely your fault, warranty void etc. But I don’t understand why HIDE particular recipe for solving out a problem - which ultimately helps me remain a loyal WD customer? Especially given - let me put it as is for I remember times when things were different - the now-degraded quality of lion’s share of consumer-grade HDDs.

And BTW who are all these people who are casually referring to this link as to something readily accessible? WD service people?

Sorry guys but I’m really puzzled with this.

i think this is the same guide … i just gOOgled it