Cannot access 192.168.l.l

hi, i cannot to access http://192.168.l.l/ router admin panel in internet explorer. How can i access   :cry: :(

open CMD, type ipconfig /all.

Gateway shows router ip-adress.

If the ip-adres is correct and it doesn’t work: clear IE Cache or restart your router (power off).

And b.t.w.: don’t type a small “L” in instead of “1” :stuck_out_tongue:

@ samueljo

This always happens in my router when Cloud drops my entire network!
Just unplug it, wait 10 seconds and reconnect.


It is because, you had typed it as 192.168.l.l So try changing it as Another possibility is that, not all modems have this same IP address. Searcg google for finding the IP adress of yopur router model.

You’ve typed wrong IP address, are all digits, the last two are 1, not L.:wink:

Why people do carelessness on typing

You may have entered 192.168.l.l which is wrong IP address. is the correct address. Most of them get confused with 192.168.l.l thinking it is Authentic IP Address, But 192.168.l.l is Incorrect IP. An IP Address contains only numbers. So Once check if you have put in 19216811 or 192.168.l.l and Change it to