Cannot accès dashboard and can't view folders on another router

Hi guys, i tried the wd my cloud on Asus 150 mb/s router just for the shot. It works without a problem.

When i connect it to my Home router TP link WR941N Wi-Fi router, i see the WD in netscan i can see it in my left panel in Finder (but dont have a view of the folder just an icon if clicked it connects and says that there is a problem), it has an ip adress assigned But i can’t acces it by using direct ip, no http://wdmycloud, and cant access the folders.

So on asus it works on tp link it doesn’t

What can it be? Please help im using it for the first day, and got stuck.

The router preferences i reset just in case. UnPnp is on.

Thank you community

An update that may help identify the prob.
I have an access point as repeater that extends the range of the router.
Ive connected my cloud to it, and it is working
Tried connecting macbook to the router , no probs.

Very strange