Cannibalizing 4tb mycloud

So I’ve had nothing but issues with my 4tb mycloud since I’ve gotten it, and I’m pretty much tired of using it as its nearly constantly trying to make up its mind if it wants to work or not. Anyone know if I can tear out the HD from the case, format it and install it internally in my pc? I’m seriously at that point and tired of messing with it constantly. I had it to a point to where it was mostly working finally, but since the last firmware upgrade it wont stream any of my content anymore. I dont need the “cloud” function that almost never functions anyway…

Yes, you can take the drive out, but getting the data out of the disk is not easy and requires some Linux installation and knowledge.

If you don’t care about getting the data out, simply connect the disk to whatever enclosure/computer SATA connector, and use your preferred OS to format it.

ok thanks. I assumed it used a sata connector of some sorts, but I wasnt sure if WD used a different type just so you couldnt do this sort of thing or not. I can back the drive’s contents up easily enough. I wish I had a bit better luck as most people seem to with their drive, I just am out of patience with dealing with it is all, again thanks for the answer

One option is to simply repurpose the drive to put in a QNAP or Synology NAS. The purchase price of the WD MyCloud is barely more expensive than the the naked drive anyway, so your “loss” is not completely a waste.

You could also go with OpenMediaVault, if the WD software didn’t fit your needs: