Canadian Streaming Services

Canadian (Vancouver area) owner of a WD TV Live here. Other than it being a bit slow/laggy to navigate my admittedly large library (and requiring regular reboots to find said library…that’s for another thread…), we’re quite happy with our little box. Particularly for what it cost!

We’re considering cutting our cable TV subscription and going at it with subscription streaming services and supplementing that with some free OTA HDTV. However, from what I’ve read, the Canadian Netflix library is - shall we say - lacking in content and variety. Do we have any other options, particularly for TV shows? Has anyone had any luck getting US only services (US Netflix, Hulu, Vudu etc) on their Canadian units?

Another concern I have is (if and when there’s ever hockey again :angry: ), is streaming service for Canuck games. I know the NHL has streaming of games available…is that something I can get in Canada on my WD TV Live as well?

Or am I stuck with lackluster Canadian Netflix and not much else?

FWIW, I found this while “Googling”:

  • Netflix and most of other protected content may not work on WD players sold outsde of North America. Unfortunately this is physical limitation of the player (missing DRM-compatible chip) and there is nothing we can do about it.
  • New models of WD TV Live players (3rd generation) won’t even show US apps on models made for other countries.
  • This instruction can work for devices sold in US


  1. On WD TV Live, go to Settings > Network settings > Network setup and select “Automatic”
  2. Wait until WD TV obtains IP address and other settings from the router (if it can’t then find connection problem and try again)
  3. Open again Settings > Network settings > Network setup and select “Manual”
  4. Scroll down to DNS row at the bottom and press “Enter”
  5. Set following numbers in DNS field :

    6. Press "Submit" > "Finish" > "OK" 7. Turn off device with power button on the remote 8. Wait ten seconds 9. Turn it back on


To activate the service, in addition to WD TV you need setup at least one computer (iPad, iPod and iPhone can be used as well) with our DNS and click on the “Check Serivce” on our home page.

Unfortunately, it appears it will only work on units bought IN the USA. So my Canadian unit appears to be out of luck unless someone has some other information.

get a free trial account from unodns or some equivalent, follow their instructions

factory reset your wd smp, all the US services will show up

they wil remain unless you reset your device, but to get hulu, US netflix etc. you need a US dns ip

I use tunlr cause its free, but they do not support US netflix

you might like to try playon with the projectfreetv plugin, and hulu basic for free

I’m from Canada and just got a WD TV Live for Christmas.  I’m using unblock-us and am able to switch between US and Canada Netflix.  I actually tried the UK service and it worked as well.  The Netflix account I have is a USA one if that matters.


playon  works  with  a  vpn   in  canada


Are you using a CANADIAN WD box though? From what I’ve read, there’s an actual hardware diffeerence and that will only work if you purchased a US unit (not a Canadian one).

Anyone confirm this also works with Canadian units?

Correct - I’m using a Canadian WD TV Live purchased from Costco in Canada.  Not sure if it matters but I already had my router setup to use Unblockus when the WD device was first powered on. 

there is no hardware difference, set up your US vpn in your router and factory reset your WD.

There seems to be some truth to the Unblock-US tutorial.

I initially tried a CDN unit bought at Mem Express in Winnipeg and it would not display the US-only apps using Unblock-us or a VPN.

I returned it and purchased a US model from B&H Photo and it worked perfectly with US apps (Netflix, Hulu, Pandora etc…) and the Unblock-us service.

This was in January 2012. I suppose Costco (or others) could have gotten their hands on US models to sell in Canada.

I have a CDN purchased model from Future Shop. Initially it only had CDN services.

with a US vpn and a factory reset, all the US services will show up.

not all vpn services are equal…

I have no idea where you went wrong without more info.