Can you view usage data on EX2 Ultra?

Hi all

I have established a couple of users (in addition to admin) on my new EX2 Ultra and am wondering if there is any way to view usage stats…how much each user is accessing data on the EX2 Ultra.

Does anyone if this is possible and I just have not found it or if there is an app I can install which will do it.

Thanks in advance

I use it as a Plex server and it works fine. I stream to iPad or Macintosh television; no stammering or buffering. Every one of my motion pictures are torn mkv; I utilize the SRT captions group. As of Walk 9, 2020, no issues. Indeed, there is an issue with Music Playlists, yet it is by all accounts a Macintosh television issue, so my work-around is to indulgence my evening time Playlist from my iPad to the ATV, and it works consummately now.
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