Can you use new "Blue" branded Caviar Green drives in My Book Studio Edition II?

The Topic says it all.

WD no longer produces Green Power drives and the My Book Studio Edition II only accepts Green drives. But the new branded low speed Blues have the same MDL code (kinda). Green: WD30EZRX New Blue: WD30EZRZ.

I have dozens of the Studio cases and twice as many aging drives… =P

Hi there,

I have not tried this, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

I know that normal blue drives are not recognized. Also not sure whether the Studio Edition is running hw or sw raid.

Heard back from WD Customer support. Straightforward answer… hasn’t been verified to work!

My name is Baramate from Western Digital Technical Support team and it is my pleasure to support you for a resolution for your issue. Here is the case number for this service request as your reference; [Deleted-privacy].

You have an issue with you need to replace drive inside Book Studio Edition II with WD Blue WD30EZRZ.

We are sorry to inform that My Book Studio Edition II is a legacy device. We have a limit information about compatibility. We cannot confirm WD Blue model WD30EZRZ will work with My Book Studio Edition II. It will be different both firmware and hardware version since the of My Book Studio Edition II were released.

You will have the issue to setup RAID on this drive because WD Drive Manager (Mac) 3.1.0 does not support MAC OS El Capitan. You will have another issue when you need to setup RAID or perform drive diagnostic.

In case, you need to upgrade to newer model that will support new technology and new MAC OS. We can recommend other model for your decision. These model are higher capacity and support newer software.

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