Can you separate the RAID1 without formatting it?

We are very satisfied with the “My Cloud EX2 Ultra” there is only one question: can you separate the RAID1 without losing data or having to format it? And how does it work.
The instructions say that every change to the RAID also requires formatting. That would not be necessary with RAID1 because the disks are mirrored.

Or is it just described incorrectly in the reference on page:

Page 58
WARNING! If the RAID mode is changed, all of the
Device and your user settings
deleted. Information on how to save the
For user settings see “Saving a
Configuration file ”on page 93.

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@Idova, You cannot separate the RAID 1.
If you wish to have 2x Jbod on your device, you need to

  1. take a backup from your data on 3rd device
  2. Follow the instruction on the below KBA.