Can you rip direct from usb dvd player to Live Hub?

I have just bought the live hib and wondered if, instead of ripping to my pc then copying to the unit, I can plug in a portable DVD player and have the unit rip the film directly?

Thanks in advance


No; the Hub won’t recognise an external DVD player nor does it have any built-in ripping features.

ah well, looks like ive a long road ahead of me to get my dvd collection onto the unit ;-)  Thanks for the prompt reply.

No problem. :slight_smile: Yeah, gonna need to invest some time ripping all your discs. How many you got? Welcome to the forum btw!

Thanks for the welcome :smiley: I dont have that many, however its enough to be a chore. Still it will be worth it in the long run. I was thinking i might use dvd shrink and rip to the mapped drive of the hub, then hopefully it will see the additions and get the required thumbnails.  All in a aperfect world of course lol

I’d avoid ripping over the network to the mapped drive. Pretty sure I’ve read of people having issues ripping / saving torrents direct to the Hubs drive. Or give it a try with one but make sure to thoroughly test the rip before doing all the rest!

Thanks for the heads up, i’ll be sure to remember that when I start on my marathon ripping session!  is ripping it with dvd shrink the best (or at least a good) way of getting the files onto my hub.  I can re-auther the files so i only get decent audio and the movie but i dont know if there is a better way of dloing this?

I used to use the free DVD Fab HD Decrypter and save as an ISO. That way, the Hub plays it as a DVD with menus intact. I’m slowly converting my ISOs to MKV using Handbrake. :slight_smile:

i hear handbrake alot, is it a better ripper than dvdshrink?

I only use Handbrake for encoding to MKV; not sure how good it is at ripping, or even if it can rip!

DVD Fab HD Decrypter is free and works great at ripping to ISO, I can definitely recommend trying that. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add a piece of advice.

Play around and do your searching for different ripping softwares and methods.  Take your time with this rip a few DVD’s (not sure if you’re doing BluRays at all but consider that you may in the future too).   Come up with a system and file format that you’re happy with using several movies that you really like.  Do this well BEFORE you have your ripping “marathon” (lol).   You’ll thank yourself in the long run!!  

I give you big time props for coming on the forums and asking the question before jumping in with both feet.

I’d also suggest getting a nice big external USB hard drive, like a 2TB. Personally I use the WD Elements drives.  2TB for about $110 and they cosmetically match the WD Hub so it doesn’t look bad if you leave it plugged in.   It’s much quicker for moving files from your PC to the HUB. 

Thanks for the advice Steve, I will let you know how I get on…