Can you replace a WD My Book Desktop


Can you replace a WD My Book Desktop hard drive (single unit) to upgrade the storage amount, or would I need the Duo to do this please?

I recently bought a 8TB My Book Desktop (single unit) and a 8TB My Cloud Home so that I can back up off site, but I’m now wondering if I should replace it with the Duo (I haven’t opened it yet). I’m thinking for future upgrades. I know the My Cloud Home can be upgraded.

Also I have an old 2TB My Cloud that I’ve had some problems with, hense the new purchases. I am going to format it, so if it works afterwards could I connect the 2TB and 8TB My clouds somehow?

Hope you can help.
Thanks in advance.


In a My Book Desktop, you are not allowed to upgrade the storage as it voids the warranty of device. But you can do this in My Book Duo.

Yes, you can create backup of My Book on My Cloud Home device but NAS to USB backup is not supported by My Cloud Home.

No, My Cloud device can’t be connect to each other back to back as it is not supported to access network for data access job.

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Sorry for the late reply, thank you for your help.