Can you help me ,,,,, >

Hey l have problem access network shares it tell me need password l enter my password but don’t work what l do and can’t chance the type of my network it always Unidentified network  l want chance to home but can’t do it what l do ?

You don’t say what operating system you are using, but if you are using Win 7 make sure you add an “everyone” to your shares list (in Shares you will see the option to Add, and then pick “everyone”).  And no matter what OS you are using you will have much better luck turning off the password for the shares.

Having the network show up as unidentified is much more troublesome.  Are you sure you are actually connected to your own network?  Are you connecting wireless or directly wired into your router?

Thank you for reply

l have win 7 ultra  l connect my cables from my laptop to WD TV Live directory  l can open my Media servers and play my video l don’t have problem there  but Network Shares can’t access it

and how l do add everyone and what OS ? and l don’t have router OK

so what l do ?

A router is really the recommended way to go here – connecting directly and trying to share is fraught with all kinds of problems.

l don’t have routor now what l do to work

Well, getting one would be a good idea (a router will just simplify your life tremendously).

Or just connect a hard drive directly to the WD.

l will will try thank you