Can you download video files? Are they original resolution & quality?

If you connect a USB drive to “backup” the video content, are these normal standard readable files that can be played with any normal video file viewer?

Alternatively, if you use Internet Explorer + Plugin, can you download video files, and if so, are they the full original quality, resolution, and bitrate? Or are they transcoded to something smaller during the “download” process?


I don’t know about IE+Plugin, but I use external USB drive and NFS share to backup any video I want. The video quality is as good and clear.

My USB drive to copy any video I need right away. My NFS share is for manually backup daily just incase I need to go back a month to view a video.

That’s interesting, are you saying that you manually plugin the external USB drive copy the files on a daily basis, and then after copying connect the drive to some other PC so you can share the files? Or that you’ve somehow connected the drive to the USB of the NVR permanently, and also simultaneously able to host it as a file share on your network?

I take it that the files you get on the drive are kind kind of .mp4 file with H.264 or H.265 encoding that plays back on normal video playback applications?


Hi Roland,

If you connect to the NVR using the Uniview EZStation software, you can easily download the video files, in .ts format (common with DVR and the ATSC broadcast format), and play them on the computer using VLC. I did not find an option to DL the files with IE. Quality seems OK, same as the original.

Answering my own question here:

The WD ReadView Windows Application which launches Internet Explorer, provides a pretty easy method to download segments via the IE application. The files are downloaded at whatever resolution they were recorded i.e. “full resolution” with respect to my question without any further transcoding. The files are also downloaded using an easy to use .mp4 container making playback of the files easy in pretty much any tool you want to use.

rpwooste, I just got my ReadyView NVR and cameras and I am able to download TS transport stream files from any selected camera using IE and the plugin downloaded from the NVR. I login from desktop using IP of NVR. After logging in I select Playback in purple bar, click on download arrow next to the camera I want to get a clip from, enter time frame of interest, hit query and it pulls up list of different events of motion or normal recording. Select check box next to events of interest and select download button at the bottom. In Purple bar at top you will see progress of download, and if you click on progress Blue high lighted area box next to user name and and logout, a download progress box will open showing when download is complete. TS Files should be saved in folder that is shown if you click on Client in Setup. mine was C:\Users\Fireators\Surveillance\Download\\D3_S20201211062138_E20201211062446.mp4

I used VLC to view saved files.

I use a screen recorder to record and save videos. I think they are original resolution and quality.

1080p is the largest resolution we offer and is best suited for video streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Use 1080p for the best resolution and extremely great quality. Videos saved in 1080p can be watched on a big screen (TV or projector) without being seen as blurry or glitchy.
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