Can you copy pictures on WD to a different computer?

I have all of my backed up pictures on my WD passport and would like to copy selected ones to another computer. Can this be done?

What program did you use to back them up?

If it was Smartware, just plug the drive into your new target computer and look in the smartware.swstor folder on your drive (will probably be in the root of it) using Windows Explorer or your file manager of choice as per preference and OS flavour. In there should be a folder for your original computer, and then one or more for the drive(s) on it beneath that. In the relevant one should be the directory tree you backed up, so you can just copy/paste your pics back out into your new machine.

Or if you want you can use Smartware to do a restore on your new machine, but for this kind of thing a simple copy/paste is easier.

Thanks for the answer. I used Dmailer sync software to backup the pictures. When you log into it, it automatically syncs the computer. Since it is a different computer, I’m not sure what it will do.

No idea then, it’s not software I’ve ever used (and so really this isn’t a WD question).

My general advice would be RTFM for that software - good luck :slight_smile: