Can you connect WD My Cloud and WD My Cloud Home together?

Hi there,

I bought a WD My Cloud 2TB a while back which they don’t seem to sell anymore in the UK. And it’s full. Sad times. :frowning:

I’m now therefore looking at whether to buy the WD My Cloud Home, but I just wanted to understand how that would work. Can you connect the two together easily? Would I end up with two seperate clouds? Would I need to set up a seperate WD Cloud account or is there anyway I could connect the two together in the cloud? Would I be able to access both of them on my phone? Would I need different apps for each one? Soooo many questions!

Or would I have to treat them almost as two seperate products (e.g. as if not created both by WD). So for example, is there a simple way to connect between the two, etc?

Thanks for any help or steers.