Can you connect to MyBook via wireless adapter?


I’m trying to setup my media centre so I can share my movies/audio and watch them on my TV. I already have a WDTV Live Media Player to do this but it’s a pain because I keep having to disconnect my harddrive and transfer locations every time I get a new file. I should’ve gotten a Live Media Player with a harddrive but unfortunately too late for that.

What I want to do is get a hard drive that plugs into the Live Media Player by USB. I then want to connect this new harddrive to my computer via wireless adapter whenever I want to transfer a file to store.

If I plug in a USB wireless adapter to the MyBook harddrive, would it connect to my home network?

No can do. The usb drives only connect trough usb. Once you connect the drive to the WD TV Live it can be access over the network since the Live is already shared over the same.  

Once you go in to the WD TV Live on your pc network you should see any usb drive connected to the WD TV.