Can you connect MyCloud directly to your ISP's modem?


I just bought a WD MyCloud 6TB but it hasn’t been delivered yet.

Can I connect the MyCloud device straight to my ISP’s modem?. Or do I need a separate router?

Another question : Is it possible to connect the device directly to my PC using the USB-port?
I would just do that to quickly transfer files from the PC to the MyCloud.

Thanks in advance for any reaction.

Greetings from Belgium!!


Have you read the User Manual? Use the link below and scroll down to find links to both User Manuals.

Can you connect the My Cloud to the ISP modem (that isn’t a network router or gateway)? Yes but why would you? The My Cloud is designed to be connected to a router/switch or in a pinch directly connected to the computer’s networking port. Read the User Manual that Cat0w indicated to learn more about the My Cloud and how to set it up.

No. The My Cloud is a network attached storage device. The USB port is for attaching external USB hard drives too, it cannot be connected to a PC’s USB port for USB to USB access.

Thanks both for your fast responses!

Bennor, I asked the question about the modem because I don’t have a separate router.

I just use the modem connected by a cable with the PC. It’s also a wireless modem so
all the other devices in the house connect wireless.

I read most of the manual but couldn’t find an answer to this particular question.

Here is another link that should help answer virtually all of your questions.

On the website of my ISP, I just found out that their modem is
also a wireless router. So I think that will work.

Any suggestions?

Does your modem ave more than one network port? If you use the wireless connection your transfer speed will be slower.

It has 4 network ports.

What model is your modem? It would seem that your modem is a modem with builtin router. If so then yes
you can connect the My cloud to one of the modem ports.

On my ISP’s website I just found out it’s also a wireless router. It has 3 empty slots where I can plug in the Mycloud. So I think this will work. Now just waiting for the delivery…

I couldn’t find a way to post in Port forwarding, so I thought I’d try here.

I am a WOW! subscriber and just had my old modem replaced with an ARRIS TG2472G modem/router. My MyCloud is plugged into one of the 4 Ethernet pots in the back of the ARRIS and I am unable to connect to it.

I’ve used Windows 10 Add a Network Device feature, but the ARRIS does not show up in the list. I’ve also tried, but that also failed to find the ARRIS. Any ideas how I get my MyCloud connected again?

For now, every time I want a file, I connect it directly into my laptop, but then my laptop loses its Wi-Fi connection.

I have set up port forwarding from WD Int 80/Ext9080 to Arris Inbound 9080/Local 80 and WD Int 443/Ext9443 to Arris Inbound 9443/Local 443. But, when I run MyCloud setup, I still get “Device Unavailable”. Yes, it’s plugged in, the light is blue, and the Ethernet cable is good.


This shouldn’t be this hard. Does anyone have any ideas what I can try next?