Can you add another field in the Gallery View?

Is there a way to add another “field” in the gallery view using xml? I want to add the MPAA rating and have the data fetched from the movie database xml file. The MPAA rating is already in the xml file, so is it possible to add it?

How about changing the grid view to delete the time under the title and replace it with the MPAA rating?

Any thoughts!

Variables in the Themes are prefixed with @@.   And I think that the MPAA Rating is a variable, but no one knows what it’s called.    Until WD releases a list of theme variables we can use, it’d be difficult to stumble across it.

I know that there is a variable @@mpaa_xx where XX is the index number used in the theme XML, but that’s about it…  It might be possible to use that.


I will try to play around with it and see what I can come up with.

You can download the GPL for 2.01.05 HERE, which contains the folder osd which is the Mochi theme.  You may find the xml in there that has the information for what is displayed in the field.