Can we trust WDMBWE for backups?

I have a 2Tb MBWE II for 2 weeks now. After a simple power outage the drives were somehow corrupted. 

I searched information everywhere and found some hints about what could be the problem: CNID corruption and .AppleDB files lost. I couldn’t find a real solution anywhere, not even here.

I am about to go for starting it up from scratch and lose my files that were on the disks. The only word that keeps coming to my head is “frustrating” - the same word I see all around this forum.

The question is: How can I trust this product? How can I use it for important backups if it is not reliable?

I hope someone can help me about the CNID and .AppleDB problem. 

Thank you.

I rhink any piece of computer equipment is vulnerable to power outages. If the power fails whilst a disk write operation is taking place, some corruption is very likey to occur. This is true of any computer equipment that uses hard drives and does not have some kind of built-in battery backup.

A way of safeguarding against this would be to use an uninterruptable power supply. This would at least buy you some time so that you could manually shut down the drive, safeguarding your data.

I’m sure there is a LINUX command you couls use at the command line to fix the resulting disk problem (like chkdisk in DOS) but I don’t know enough about LINUX to give you reliable advice on that.

I thought the RAID configuration of the WDMBWE was supposed to protect the user of it from data corruption caused by power outages or drive failures etc.

Coincidentally I had a power outage on the day I installed the WDMBWE - thankfully it doesn’t seem to have affected the drive … as far as I can tell.