Can we get the MyCloud to backup to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc

The MyCloud works great. The app on my Android phone says you can add serives like Google Drive and Dropbox. However, it turns out it allows you to get access to these services from the MyCloud app.

What I need is to be able to backup (read ‘sync’) certain folders in my MyCloud to backup them to these services? I know the later, better, more expensive models can do this. Why not the MyCloud?

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Feel free to add your voice to several threads asking for backup to remote offsite cloud storage services in the Cloud Ideas subforum. Do a search of that forum and you’ll find numerous threads asking for such a feature.

Generally there are several methods one can use to upload their single bay My Cloud content to Dropbox and other similar sites. One is to map the My Cloud to your local computer then use the Dropbox or similar service software program to upload the content you select. Another other option, if the remote service supports it, is to use Rsync or similar Linux command from the My Cloud SSH command line to upload content to the online storage location.

If you do a search of this subforum you’ll see Dropbox and similar support is often requested. Here are just a few of those previous threads with some suggested options for accomplishing such a request.

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Lots of the same questions but NO reply from WD? very disappointing. I am not investing in any more NAS boxes until I can come up with an OFF PREM mirror for all my stuff…too much ON PREM and single place of failure and theft to trust all my data!!!

SOMEBODY is gonna solve that…and I will go with them and WD goes in the trashcan.


See the following discussion thread…

Really?? I have been using Smartsync and a Rube Goldberg manual software launch between my two.mybooks and my mycloud but you need a server or.laptop and Windows tomlaunch the client and kick

I want a transparent NAS t s3 or cloud background mirror, this sounds a like that!!

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They somehow are using third party to do this, wonder why WD cannot sync it using mycloud app? I cannot believe it! bought WD mycloud and now have to pay for google drive too.

I wish WD gives a simple app to do this. We want to back up google drive into mycloud app so that we don’t have to pay for google storage too.

can someone help!

The single bay/single drive My Cloud units are very limited in what they can do. They do not officially support downloading/uploading to cloud (online) based services. It’s possible the multi bay My Cloud units may have some capability to do so .

Unofficially Goodsync is the way to go. But as you found out you have to hack the firmware to install the Goodsync package. You may not like that workaround but it is one method to possibly achieve what you desire/seek.

Or one could setup the cloud based app on a computer and with the use of WD Sync or similar sync program (like Free File Sync) setup a system to download/upload to the cloud from the computer and have the computer sync its data to the My Cloud.

Since this is mostly a user to user support forum you may want to place your complaint/request in the Cloud Ideas subforum or the Software and Apps Ideas subforum.