Can we create a private share on MBL for a user on ipad WD2go Pro?

I would like to restrict access for my ipad. ie. create a id for work and only the work folder on MBL can be accessed via ipad

is that possible?

Yes, you can set individual access permissions and restrictions for WD2go access, each user will only access what that user is allowed to access on the users tab.

I tried setting  a private share and 2 issues came up:

  1. Windows XP couldnt allow mappin of the new network drive (private share)

  2. in the ipad - i could see both public and private share. i dont see how the ipad can restrict access, unless there is a login screen?

  1. Windows XP has known issues with private network shares, make sure your system is fully updated or move to W7.

  2. The iPad itself won’t “restrict” the access; the MBL itself will. The iPad should just ask for a username and a password when you try to access the private share if you’re using an app to access the the MBL using clean file sharing. If you’re using WD2go on the iPad then you will only have access to the private shares you already have access on your computer, so if you create a WD2go account for someone else, that person won’t access your private share unless you have set permissions on the MBL configuration page to grant access.

  1. after trying a few tries, managed to map a private share folder from my computer. cross my fingers that the connection does not drop.

  2. will see how the ipad response is like. Be very ideal to see a login screen!

on system shutdown and reboot, the system cannot reconnect to the mapped network drives. looks like winxp has issues with private shares after all.

it is useless to create private shares but not have access from a main admin user from XP

after testing the private share on ipad:

  1. wd2go pro does not have a login screen to allow switching of users.

  2. to swtich from admin to a user accouunt, i need to grab an activation code from the MBL dashboard each time. not convenient