Can we add space to existing My Book Live?

Can we add space to an existing My Book Live, such as by plugging in a USB drive?
Or is it necessary to buy another My Book Live and connect it to the network router separately?
Or can the My Book Live be modified internally to accept an additional drive connection?
(The My Book Live is connected and working on a network with cable to a router.)

Unless there has been a product change that I missed, MyBookLive does not have a USB port so there is no way add space that way. (MyCloud has that capability.)

Any internal modification that added another port would involve both hardware (adding the port) and firmware. In other words, it would no longer be a Western Digital MyBookLive. You might be able to get it to work, but you would be the support team from then on.

You might be able to replace the internal drive with a larger one, but I’m pretty sure that, too, would void and warranty and support options.

Thanks. I’m hearing there was a version of My Book Live that did have a USB port, but it’s not mine. They now call that product a My Cloud. Of course I wish there were a way to retrofit a USB port on the old My Book Live. I would just prefer to have only one Networked device for this purpose.

Now it’s a year later. Have there been any changes to the product or software that I missed, so the old 2T “MyBook Live” can have additional storage capacity? (I may be stuck with adding an additional “MyBook Live” or its successor to the system.)