Can wd10purx as Programmers Desktop internel HDD?

Hi, This is my 1st question in this community. I am studying Linux Kernel Development. Can i use ‘wd10purx’ for Home pc by installing Ubuntu14.04 LTS/Centos/Fedora/FreeBSD etc Linux for study purpose? I kept my pc running for 12-18Hrs a day. I read this HDD features…its very high-end & for surveillance. Need a guidance.

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The WD Purple should work fine as a regular desktop drive but it designed for Surveillance. Video feeds are a continuous stream of data so the drive isn’t designed for fast seek times so random read/writes may be slower than a standard hard drive. If you are looking for a test drive and don’t mind this, then you should be fine. If you want a drive that is more for desktop use, you could use WD Blue (drive for general everyday usage), or even WD Red. WD Red and WD Red Pro are designed for use in NAS so they are for 24/7 use and should work fine as a boot/general use drive.

If you have any more questions, let me know.

Thanks LB_WD, As per your suggestion i choose WD Blue (WD10EZRX) due to its price but still one question remains in my mind. If i use WD any internel HDD for linux kernel compiling & installing various Linux flavours(multi boot etc), is there restriction or warranty issues due to doing this?

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No, there shouldn’t be. Running any type of OS or program on the drive should have no bearing on the warranty. Typically only physical damage, physical modification of the drive, trying to modify the drives firmware/software, etc. is what the warranty will not cover. If you wanted to look at it, I included a link to our warranty terms and some KB articles.

What will void the warranty on a WD drive (KB 916)

Warranty Policy

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