Can WD TV Live Hub read a WD 2TB HDD that's dual partitioned with FAT32 & NTFS?

Hello forum, long story short…

I have a WD 2TB HDD formatted FAT32 and I use it to play Wii backup games. If I were to create an NTFS partition on this drive so that I can load HD movies on it, will I be able to pick which volume to stream from on WD TV?

Also, is a network the only way to transfer files from PC to WD TV? Which would demand a router to accomplish this task?  Seems like there should be a backup route to being able to transfer from PC to WD TV. Something simple like USB to MiniUSB like you would for any external HDD.

Thanks in advance for your response.

  1. Yes, the hub will show all available partitions in the hard drive.

  2. You can connect the PC to the hub directly using an ethernet cable. If your PC’s ethernet port is gigabit, you can use an ordinary ethernet cable. If not, you will need to use a crossover ethernet cable.