Can WD MyBookT1 and MyBook T4 run simultaneously on Win10Pro Dell workstation

I have been using the T1 for long time. I purchased a new T4 to extend - not replace storage. Ca I install it without uninstalling the T1. Is this possible? or will the T4 install process change or delete any T1 required software. The T1 is running Smartware v2.4.


You shouldn’t have any issues with that.

If you are going to be using the new drive as a backup destination, you will need to create a new backup plan with the software that you are using, in your case will be the WD Smartware.

Thank you so much EBmorel.

Thank you EBmorel. Yest I do want them both to work - separating business
from personal. Now I see how.
I set it answered in WDCommunity.

Leo Braun