Can WD Live hub sync data from WD mybook world edition II?

Hi WD Forum helpers.

I’m thinking about buying a WD Live hub to complement my WD mybook world edition II.

At the moment I use the mybook world edition II as the central storage for all my music, videos and photos. And use it to stream (via twonky) music and photos to my sony bravia tv’s and ps3. I’m currently using PS3media server to render videos (non MPEG2) to these devices.

Can the WD Live hub synchronise data from the WD mybook world edition II so that I only upload data to the WD mybook world edition II and it’s copied across (something like rsync?).

Your help is appreciated.

Thanks Adrian

Nope, the Hub will only sync files from USB drives. You CAN copy the data from the MBW to the Hub, but you’ll have to do it manually.

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many thanks for taking time to respond, so much for my idea to have the home hub becoming a secondary (backup) storage area of my media.

It can be done but… It’s going to take some time.