Can WD Live HD upgrade to play Real or RM or RMVB files?

I was going to buy one, when i saw the mini can play the real files, then i went to get the WD Live… It’s not included, so i shyed away from buying it.  I would think that you can just upgrade the codecs to make it play rm or rmvb, would be grate on the WD Live.  Since its the most expensive one… I would have thought it would make sense to have everything included from the other 2 combined into 1.  When WD Live HD is able to play real files, i will buy several, but until then i will wait.  I just hope there is a way!

This in one of many feature requested that may be implemented in the near future. Why don’t you go to the “Ideas” section, search that idea and give it a kuddo. The more support an idea has - higher priority will be given.

This is already a very nice product, nevertheless there are a lot of possibilities for future enhancements. WD seemed always interested in listening our ideas. ( Of course you could wait for this to be implemented, or even buy a similar product that may include RMVB already. )