Can WD internal drives be submerged in liquid coolant?

I’m planning to build an aquarium type case for my new PC, since it’s quite polluted where I live and I;m tired of having to clean the dust out of my PC every year. I have done some research on the web and found an ongoing debate whether or not an internal hard drive can be submerged in liquid coolant (distilled water, mineral oil, etc.). Can anyone verify?


As far as I know, WD does not have a drive that can be submerged into any liquid.


there are some more problems you have to face. All normal drives (not only ours, but all) do “pressure equalization”, therefore there are very small pressure compensation pipes existing. Theses “holes” / pipes make it difficult.

Another thing: you would need to have 100% distilled water, means no conductivity at all. Consumer grade Distilled Water is not good enough for your purpose; well for flat irons but not for “underwater” elcectrical circuits. Non-Conductive Oil may be an option, but see above, the pressure equalization will bring the oil into the drive - it may last some hours or days or weeks but it will.

So, honest answer: Hands off, I don’t think this will work.

But a really nice idea, indeed! :smile: