Can WD Elements Backup Software or other Backup Software recover a file by date

Can anyone recommend Data Backup Software that has the ability to enter a date, and will allow you to browse a directory structure for that date, and allow you to view/recover files which existed at that date?

By this I mean…
the Data Backup Software makes periodic (or real time) backups of all your files and folders within My Documents… to an external hard drive.

And let’s say that you want to recover a file which was deleted at some stage… or even a version of a file that was deleted.

That one can enter any date (in the past since the backup software was running), and search back for the file version that existed on that date… ideally by being able to view a directory structure for that date showing all the files that existed back then. And recover any file on an individual rather than having to recover a large zipped file of some date.

Ideally so that one could enter the date without specifying what file one is looking for… and just browse the directory structure and files that existed at that date.

For many of the Data Backup Software application, I often see good descriptions about all the setting one can use to run the backups… but very little description on how to go about searching for deleted files and how to recover a file that one is searching for.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance.