Can WD create a WIN7 system image on my non-WD USB hard drive?

I’m doing a WD 30-day trial to backup my HD onto a non-WD USB-enclosure drive. The WD Home screen shows the System as dim and non-selectable for backup. Therefore, I’m assuming WD is creating a data backup, but NOT a Win7 System image - right?

I have use Acronis a bit - is that what I need to create a “True Image” - Win7 and all? Or is my System area showing dim and not backing up because I’m not using a WD hard drive to backup to?

I’m willing to buy Acronis or a WD drive to get the backup capability I’m after; just not sure what to do next.



WD Smartwasre is only able to create a data backup. It does not create a system Image.