Can View Folder but not media

Hi all,

Got my Network set up OK but have a problem… I can remotely view the folders I’ve added to my Library. Built in my WDTVLIVE, when I click on the folder, it says there is no ‘content’.

Also, on my two laptops, I can view them in “Media Server” but my Desktop Computer (where all my Media is) is not listed.

In homegroup I tried to click the ‘Turn on media streaming’ but it never turns on.

I’ve went to my external WD 2 TB Dive where the media is kept and go through the advance sharing and permission and yet nothing appears… Solutions?

Thanks in advance

I’ve given up trying to sort out Win 7 and it’s bloody stupid restrictions and security on my own files !!! I can see some on the external drive and not others. I’ve got them shared, permissions set etc but it’s a nightmare ! I just transfer anything I want to watch via the network to the C drive and put it in the public/public videos folder and it works fine. Annoying, yes, but at least they work. Or stick them on a USB stick and plug it in direct.

Are the files supported? What is the extension of the file?

yes they are normal jpeg files, mp3’s avi & mpeg out of all the folders in the Homegroup and sharing library, only my movie folder and Tv folder can i view, my music was there but then I did something and it, like all my other folders (accept the TV and Movie Folders) I can see but when I open them I get “the is no media in the selected folder” yet both my laptop and wife’s laptop can view them (they’re on my desktop PC)

Feral_Chyld wrote:

yes they are normal jpeg files, mp3’s avi & mpeg out of all the folders in the Homegroup…

The WDTV Live boxes do NOT support HOMEGROUPS.   Don’t confuse the two…

Using Ubuntu Linux as server with TV Live Connected getting message “no media in selected directory”

pulled my hair out for a while then on WD TV Live I went into settings / network settings and cleared login info

tried again and all my files were available again

hope this helps :slight_smile: