Can upload and can't download

I have My Cloud EX2 Ultra, with 1gb network speed.
I am using Win10 File Explorer to access my cloud files from LAN.
I have no issue to upload files to my cloud, speed is very good between 30mb and 100mb.
if I want to open any file on my cloud from File Explorer, it would be very slow and most of the time speed go down to 0bps.
if I try to download the file from internet, the speed is good, and PLEX is good as well
I don’t want to use my internet usage to watch a video or downloads files, but I want to open these files from Win 10 file explorer from LAN
please help

“I want to open these files from Win 10 file explorer from LAN”

This article should help: How to map a My Cloud or NAS device on Windows

Thank you for your response. I have no issue to browse the folders in myCloud, or create Map network drive. my problem is reading or downloading files from mtCloud.
I can not download any file or watch any video on my cloud using File explorer.
The speed is 300k and getting down to be 0k

can anyone help me please

Ok. . .this advice is free - - - worth what you are paying for it.

I have occasionally had problems with this on Win10 systems. After much playing; I got around this by disabling IPV6 on the NAS, on the router, and on the network adapter on the PC. (the pc was the magic trick I think)