Can two imacs read and write simultaneously to one thunderbolt duo drive

Hi to all,

I am looking for a bit of advice  and the answer is probably an obvious one,  but would like confirmation before committing financially.

I have a small home office with two iMacs (with thunderbolt) that are heavily used for photo and video editing, currently all our media files are stored on a lot of individual external hard drives, due to the constraints of Lightroom and not being able to work on catalogues over a network we have to directly attach the hard drives, this solution has worked for a couple of years ok but now this process is becoming a bit of pain.

I am now need a cost effective solution to creating a simple centralised area to have our media files but have a fast transfer speed, but there is not a budget or need for a full on network.

It looks like the thunderbolt duo might provide a solution down to the abilities to daisy chain drives, which allows us to grow the disk space when needed, this drive allows gives us a portable fast and large capacity solution when on location.
the question is…

Can two iMacs connect to one thunderbolt duo drive (i understand there are two tb ports on back) and both read and write simultaneously to different files without loss of speed (or too much loss of speed)


in the future if two TB duos are daisy chained together would the functionality remain the same (i.e. read and write simultaneously to any area of either duo).

thanks in advance

No, you can not mount the disk drive in two separate computer systems at the same time through a direct connection.

The second Thunderbolt connector works under the same principle as Firewire for daisy-chaining: Additional devices are connected together to the second port and they operate through the main device connected directly to a computer system.