Can this device really live stream to TV

I want to stream whatever is on my computer screen to my TV.  I do not have FILES to stream.  I do not use HULU, Netflix etc.    If I miss a TV program I go to for example and watch the program.  I do not like watching on my computer, especially if both my wifwe and I want to see it.  I want the program playing on my computer to be streamed to the TV.  CAN I DO THIS WITH THE WD DEVICE?  My reading of the advertising says YES, but my reading of the manual says NO.

Which is it?  Can this device actually stream what is on my computer to my TV??


The basic answer is No. It streams media files from a disk and certain built in services like youtube / netflix.

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If you run a dnla server like Serviio on your PC then you can stream live internet streams to the WD.  Clumsy but it works if you have the approariate stream url.

Thank you, very concise (but disappointing) answer.

Clumsy, and inconvenient when you find the stream url has changed and the SMP crashes.