Can this be mapped as a Network drive on a remote user's computer

Looking in to this device. Need remote access and be able to work on a file and save the changes. Saw  a technote say thet when the webinterface is used for file sharing, remote user has to do a “SAVE-AS” instead of a “SAVE” people are not going to remeber to do this and hours of data entry can be lost because of this. Is WD working on a fix for this?

Is remote (WAN) access to this unit faster than using a VPN connection?

I need the capacity to add a share as a network drive on a remote users computer. Does this support that?

Is there another method to remotely access this unit (shares) directly from a remote location?


Edit to my post.

I do not want to use Remote desktop access (i believe it only allows 1 user at a time). I need the ability to have at least 10 users to be able to be logged on to this remotely as well as 50 or so users that will have access locally and  simultaneously.

Is this doable with this unit?

This will primarily be a file (read/write) server. No backups will be done locally or remotely on to this unit.

Thanks again. 

You can map the drive by local IP address if those users have access to your network via VPN or you open the proper ports to the public internet, which is very undesirable for security reasons.

VPN access is always slower than WAN accessing a particular device because of the encryption overhead for securing your data.