Can this be done; need to update?

I have 2 of the previous generation WDLIVE TV network streamers.  Work OK

I have multiple Shares with Movies

I have always been irritated that I can not see list of ALL Movies at one time. I have to scan Drive 1, then Drive 2, etc. I had a Boxee Box that put all together in a single list for review/selection.

Is there someway around this issue with my players?  (ie new/different software?)

If not, does the latest version/device, deal with this issue?  Looking online, the interface looks different but I can’t tell if this is more than cosmetics or not.

Thanks in advance

Yes, the newer devices (The Hub and SMP) support the aggregation of up to ten network shares, and some unknown number (at least five that I’ve tested) of attached USB disks.

I got a new player and it solves the problem

Can the old players have their software upgraded so they will do the same?