Can the WD6402AAEX or the WD1002FA drive be placed in a RAID 0 array?

I am interested in purchasing either two WD6402AAEX or two WD1002FA to place in a RAID 0 array; but I’ve heard conflicting things regarding this.  Several people on newegg have said that these drives can not be placed in a RAID 0 array, while others say that they have done it.  

I would like a definitive answer about placing either of these drives in a RAID 0 array before I purchase them.



I am using Windows 7 64-bit along with an ASUS P7P55D-E Pro - LGA 1156 motherboard.


Three years ago, tomorrow , I received a reply from WD.

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support.

See the following link for information on interpreting WD’s model number scheme.

Answer Title: Where to find and how to interpret drive model numbers on WD EIDE and Serial ATA hard drives.
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WD2500JS drives will not work in any type of RAID array since they come from our desktop family of drives. If you try to use those drive, they will work erratically or not at all. The drives you need are WD2500YS; see the links below for additional information.

Answer Title: What is the difference between Desktop edition and RAID (Enterprise) edition hard drives?
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Answer Title: Specifications for the Western Digital RAID edition Serial ATA hard drives.
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Those two drives are from the Caviar Black family of desktop drives.  They are not designed for RAID 0 useage.  They will sooner or later drop out of the array, and you will lose your data.  You need to look into our Enterprise family of drives for RAID compatible drives.