Can the WD TV Live loop a video endlessly?

Hey all. My apologies if this was answered already but I did a bunch of searching and couldn’t find anything on it. I have a small business client who is putting a big screen TV in a small coffee shop and wants to be able to put some videos on it that will loop endlessly. Rather than attach a full PC to the TV, I suggested a streaming media box. I don’t own a WD TV Live myself but have recommended them to others with good results. However, I haven’t been able to find out if this unit is capable of doing video looping. I know they weren’t really designed for this type of commercial application but this is a small business and higher end commercial stuff is too expensive for her. Can anyone tell me if this would work? Thanks very much!

Yes, you can repeat a single file or all files (in the options menu). But after each video file change, there is a short notification of the audio and subtitles information, which can’t be disabled with the current firmware.

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