Can the WD program Help with This?

Hi, I have a problem with Window 7 Media Center when playing back recorded movies. The program works just fime but then it stops with this message: Vidio Error files needed are not present or damaged. Restart Media Center and try again. Restarting everything does not help. Because it works most of the time the files needed must be present, so I suspect it is a damaged file. So, is it perhaps possiple to use WD to get the needed files from the factory image and use them to repair (as opposed to restore) the damaged files? I’m using a MyBook Elite external drive. Any help appreciated! Bill


you will need another software to fix the damaged files…

the software that comes with the drive will only backup and restore files… no fixing involved 

I used VLC for media playback and the program has the ability to fix broken or corrupted files 

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