Can the WD Elements be connected to the TV?

Hi everyone!!!

My wife has bought me the WD Elements Portable 2 TB to store films and TV series in order to watch them on TV (Sony Bravia). But when I have connected it the TV hasn´t recongized the drive and I have had the same problem with the PS3 and a dvd. All the devices recognize other USB memories without problems, What can I do?

Thank you.


Try posting in the TV section for better help. The drive probably needs to be reformatted to FAT32. Reformatting will erase your data .


If you are hookoing to your cable bos, it may need an esata hard dribe. I know Verizon and Brighthouse will only work with those and their cable boxes. Also not all cable boses will accept an external HD even though they have a USB port. The port is for “servie” use but the problem is that it just isn’t set in the software by the cable company to use it for an external HD.

My 80" wont recognize my Passport even though it will read and use thumb drives and externally powered HD’s. Since they are all formatted the same, the only possible problem can be that my TV USB input doesn’t have enough powwer to run the Passport. That would explain why a thumbdribe and externally powered HD have no problems being recognized.