Can the MYCLOUD be put to sleep Manually? Every Solution Here thus far 'VOIDS THE WARRANTY'!

I would LOVE to just be able to set the drive to sleep manually,… I have turned all DLNA and Itunes servers off, I am afraid to turn off MYCLOUD access no one here seems to know whether that turns the device into a permanent paperweight (it would seem to,. Since there is only one way to access it so AFTER turning off cloud access who knows what to do to get it back??.., I would LOVE to think that would turn off external access and leave Local intact, but somehow I doubt it with this device,… As soon as I turned off DLNA and iTUnes servers, the transfer speed went from averaging 1-12mbs to 48-80MB a second That’s interesting, I have no idea why, same types of files I am backing up (stereoscopic FULL 8k VR 360x180 degrees CGI videos)

No you can’t do that. You can try disabling everything that you might not use like the things you already have. Also remote cloud access if your not using that. Also it’s not going to to sleep if the scans are running. Depending how much you have if could take over a week, If you turn off cloud access you can still access it locally. Turning off those things helps so the cpu isn’t working as hard that’s why your seeing better speeds

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HI, AHA! So turning off Remote Cloud Access does NOT Mean you cannot connect to it with a local computer, just not with a Phone on LTE, that sort of thing, That sounds great, maybe that will allow it to sleep, I have always suspected that was the problem,

[quote=“JohnSypin, post:2, topic:143844”]
Turning of those things helps so the cpu isn’t working as hard that’s why your seeing better speeds
[/quote] Kinda funny after a week of asking here about speed, I had to find that randomly on my own :slight_smile:

Once all scans are finished you might even see higher speeds mine would avg around 80-95 and max out around 109MBs

Awesome, I wish I didn’t have to fill it so full (lots of media backups) Perhaps I will do it in smaller batches, give it time to catch up ! :slight_smile: WOw, anyting over 50 and I am happy with it (except the no sleep, BUT I can always turn it off so there is that,…

If you turn it off, it will start the scans again. Unless you run the ‘Mayan codes’ in one of your other threads…

It’s mostly the scans that seem to hurt the performance I had one for a couple years. Never had much of a problem if I only accessed it from with in windows from explorer but the dashboard access was a night mare for me. CPU that is in is just too weak I think. That’s why you see so many post about SSH and turning things off.

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That seems about right… Boy when a company goes to pot, they really go… This device was NOT READY for public consumption if it takes all those TWEAKS (that incidentally VOID the WARRANTY) to get it to work ‘well’ … What is it scanning? Nothing that I need or want certainly… The Mayan codes are an impossibility for me because there is no way for me to do any of that stuff (none of it was explained AT ALL, people say things like ‘SSH to the drive’,…, That indecipherable gobbledygook may as WELL be MAYAN is my point,… Not knowing about java or Linus or whatever doesn’t make me a bad person, just a busy one, with other things to worry about…

What it is scanning is every file added to the device to make thumbnails for things like the cloud access. What is dumb is it does this even with everything shut off (unless this has changed.) It should stop/disable those services on its own when they are not needed. I no longer use a My Cloud single bay and have the Mirror version and its sleeping like it should.

Oh wow, I did not expect that answer LOL, I thought it was, optimizing or, de-fragging or something, yikes, I guess the only hope is a future firmware that s fixes these issues,. The fact that it starts to SCAN ALL Over when restarted is ridiculous no matter how they slice it, Why wouldn’t it at least start back up where it left off (or not do anything if the scan was done before shut down) … I guess if it is not fixable without voiding the warranty (I’m not voiding a warranty that goes until 2017!) I guess I’l just have to re-box and sell it on (and hope the person doesn’t come here before buying it from me LOLOL :slight_smile: What a complete and total shame… 'FIX IT by voiding the warranty, I wonder where some of these daft suggestions come from (WD?) LOL

Most of the post having you stop a few of the services won’t void the warranty. There is a chance of it being fixed in a firmware update. I think the My Cloud Mirror used to do the same thing and scan with with everything disabled and they changed it so it doesn’t anymore.

Well that’s promising at least :wink:

I was able to RMA and send back mine even after running the needed commands. I think the voiding warrenty is more for people added extras to the device like programs not intended to run on it and doing lots of changes. Many of the Users in the My Cloud forum are very helpful they take time out of their day to help and are not staff from WD. One thing I miss about switching from the single bay My Cloud to the Mirror version is the users, So much can be added and done to the My Cloud thanks to the many people that post here. I noticed the Mirror forum is alot more quiet.