Can the Live Hub be used for a storefront digital sign?

I understand that a file can be selected as autostart.

But does it also automatically repeat a file or the contents of a folder?

(I am talking about self-generated slideshows **bleep** Videp-content, stored as Video Files)

I have found and downloaded the Live Hub Manual now but the Auto Start option is, although mentioned, not explained.

I wonder if the Live Hub lets me select one video file (once, and keeps this stored even if powered down!) and plays it automatically in constant repeat once the unit is powered up?

Normally you would put the video in the root of a connected USB drive. Select Auto-Play and then when the unit boots up it will play the video.

So does that mean I can’t use the built-in HD for that?

Also, can the Auto Repeat be set as default, or do I need to confirm this at every boot-up?