Can the it Auto Start?

Is there a way to set up the WDTV-Live and a television to automatically start up and play unattended? I want to play some videos in a mall kiosk, but I don’t want to have to go and manually start it up everyday.

I was thinking somehow with a timer…but just cause the power goes on, you would still have to activate it to play…

so that’s where I get stumped.

I’d appreciate any advise,



The unit can be set to auto-play and I assume that if you plugged the unit into a timer then it would boot up and play the video on the attached USB drive.

I know that it can be set to auto play once it is manually turned on, but I can’t get it to auto play when the power is applied to the unit.

I’m really stumped by this, and I’d like to get it up and running soon.

Do you have any suggestions on how both the TV & the media player can start up when the power is turned on,

cause then using a timer would be the best solution.

There is an auto-play facility in the internal system setting menu and it starts a movie when the unit is turned on. The movie must be in the root directory of an attached drive,