Can the import user list text file be used to set permissions for Active Directory users?

I had difficulty getting Windows to allow my NAS shares to be mapped. So I figured out another way. I enabled Active Directory. This brings in all the Windows users into the NAS. And I was able to manually set permissions to NAS shares for a Windows user in the NAS dashboard under ‘Set Up Local Network Users’ But I have some 30 Windows users and 50 shares. I am hoping the import file can do the permissions for me.

Hi @jairowd,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Thank you Keerti_01. Yes, they [WD Support] are the experts on the device and its operating system, and the dashboard. I am in contact with them and have been for months. My current problem is that when I go to map my shares (folders) that I created in the NAS, I get “Access is denied.”
I suspect that because I am in a Windows Server networked environment, it is expecting and easily allowing the log in to only Active Directory users, not WD MyCloud NAS users that I created. I can see the folders I created, but when I double-click on any of them, except the Public folder, I get the Access is denied warning in red color when the box for credentials pops up.
So I am trying to figure out how to get the message: “User Name or Password is Incorrect” because from there I can enter its corresponding NAS user name and password, and it works. But when I get “Access is denied” I know immediately that it won’t work, because it is blocking the NAS users, and only allowing Windows users.
So I hope that you can invite others in the community who are doing something familiar with the NAS. I am currently in a Windows networked environment with Active Directory and Windows Server 2012 with around 20 users. The NAS has its own users and shares, something like 30 users and 52 shares.