Can the hub be capable of an xbmc skin, providing firmware bugs are fixed?

screenshot 1- love the cinematic aspect of this!!


screenshot 2- possible gallery view


screenshot 3- which would be great for TV shows!!


NOTE- All these screenshots are the copyright of ‘BLACK ROW by Sharpe with help from DJDafreund’ which can be found on the website.

The possibilites of such views and screenshots are quite endless and COULD offer an inspiring insight to the world of the potential of the HUB?!?! 

I hope i haven’t broken any copyright laws by posting these images but I just thought it would get all themer’s creative juices flowing! BTW if you don’t see these images after they have been vetted then sorry i may have been wrong to post!:cry:

Thanks to Joey Smyth for showing the possibilities with his very honest, no-credit taking quote- ‘Aeon-ISH’ theme!!, which i very much believe was not meant to take any credit anyway from someone else’s creative and original idea.

HB- Please take Note!!!  LOL:smiley: 

I’m sure most all of this can be done. Themeing is very easy with editing xml’s for proper placement. Creating the graphics to look great can take some time. I would suggest dipping your feet into giving a go and you’ll eventually be working towards the look and style that you want. After Helll3ond releases the new Hubcorn, I would suggest you start with that theme and work with it a bit, thats probably the best place for you to start. I’m working on a theme right now as well, but it’s going slowly due to…well…time. :smiley:

Wise words indeed  DH.

 time is of the essence which I unfortunately don’t have, along with the appropriate skills!!

its took me nearly 3 weeks doing moviesheets for say 350 films!

Only hope i don’t have to change them again for some newer theme :{

as long as you have the “.tgmd” file for each individual movie then redoing sheets for 350 movies shouldnt take long.

eg. ive got 70 movies and also the .tgmd file for each one, takes about  10mins to regenerate new sheets on a slow Celeron 3GHZ single core processor with 512mb of ram.  (sad, i know :wink:

after have a look at xbmc, i seriously thinking about an htpc. :d


WHat is the tgmd file for out of curiosity.

I did 94 films yesterday and it only took me around 5 hours from scratch…much of which was trial and error, the actual generation took little time really once I knew which templates and got the setting configured right in Thumb.

Im curious in case I do need to redo them what the tgmd file is for and how do I use that?

Also I have another curiosity regarding datasheets on the dummy file method, some of my films have two files, not many but a couple, those ones dotn seem to work on the data sheet method with the files in the same folder as each other. Do you know anything about that which might help?



From experience, an HTPC is a waste of time, space and money. Honestly for the price and the effort, its just a pain in the backside. I used to have one and I ditched it bceause it was just so much messing around.

Sure you have to pay the cable bill but a TV card doesnt exempt you from that anyway unless you want half the channels.

Ill admit this media box has issues with current firmware but im sure someone will make custom firmware for it at somepoint, it has a lot of potential and its a pretty clean solution all things considered. Thats just my opinion.

Hey firetix,

If you’re thinking about an HTPC, you should take a look the Xtreamer Ultra.  It’s an HTPC that’s already set up, $309 US though.

SilverConfused - There is ALREADY an Enhanced Firmware for this little box of ours - it’s called WDLXTV, and it’s at  B-RAD’s Firmware page.

Check it out at its home page:

I haven’t tried it but it looks promising with it’s feature list:

Features included in WDLXTV:

  • external dvd drive capability with cd-manager-0.7 **fixed**
  • ext2 & ext3 filesystem support ** (un)officially supported now **
  • ext2 & ext3 hotplugging
  • all media (including network shares & optical devices) can be viewed in ‘All Videos’
  • USB Hub support
  • mounting of WDTV Optware package (if available) at boot, for access to ~1300 additional programs
  • mounting of app bin packs (if available) at boot, for plugNplay addtional functionality
  • mounting of OSD overlay (if available) at boot, for full theming ( sample)
  • limited USB Ethernet support
  • IP via DHCP (by default, configurable)
  • Samba/CIFS support aka windows share mounting (requires Samba app pack)
  • Experimental wireless adapter support (thx to Zorander) (requires wireless-mod-wdlxtv app pack)
  • Ximeta NDAS device support (requires ndas app pack)
  • Telnet server
  • pure-ftp server ( requires pure-ftpd app pack)
  • configurable to automount NFS shares ( requires nfs app pack)
  • user customizable background & screen saver images ** new **
  • selectable 4/8/10/12/21 video thumb view (see Changelog)
  • selectable 4/6/8 file list view (see Changelog)
  • sleectable 10/15 photo/music thumb view (see Changelog)
  • user customizable init.d scripts for full os customization ** new **
  • emergency flash recovery

Sorry for the Tangent but I thought you’d want to know! 

Now, MY question is WHAT is an XBMC Skin?


B-Rad’s mod firmware is for the WDTV Live & Live +, not the HUB.  It will not work for the HUB, and B-Rad has said that he will not be doing a mod firmware for it.

As for XBMC, for a short answer, it is like Windows Media Center, or Boxee.  It is for HTPC’s (or any PC really), if you want to know what it is just Google it.