Can the AIOS HD Media Center talk to the Hub

Anyone know if I can stream from the live hub to this device?   Looks like a cheap way to set up a Tv in another room…  Im assuming Id need a gigibit hub to stream 1080?  One interesting aspect of this device is it supports P2P downloads I guess…

It would appear that you can. Although it does not say so in the spec on the Amazon page, the second review down says that it has UPnP/DLNA client support. If that is correct you can use the media server on the HUB to stream video to the AIOS. 

That said, that is just from reading a persons review. Perhaps someone here on the board actualy has one of these and can veryify that it works.

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thanks…  hopefully someone else some experience…  I suppose I can always return it… or just stuck a drive in it… 

I took a look at the user guide on their website (which you may want to read for yourself). I guess I have way too much time on my hands now that the US Football season is over. This product will work fine with the WD products. You can connect to networked machines using SAMBA (windows network shares) or via the built in DLNA client.

Essentialy you can access networked machines and WD deviices the same way you can from another HUB or WDLIVE. The question is why not buy another WD device and keep it simple. The AIOS does have some nice upsides such as more USB ports, a web server and a card reader, but you obviously would not be able to run the same themes as you are running on your WD device so you take the chance that that your movie linksheets and other metadata would not work the same way. The interface appears very basic but perhaps there are themes that run on it similar to WD or XBMC. For that, Ill leave in your hands to read up on.

Like you said, you can always return it and it does seem like it packs in a lot of addional input options for the $$

Here is a link to the manual (always a good place to start). Page 32 is where the networking information starts and explains how to connect to other external devices over SAMNA, or UpNP/DLN. If the manual holds true, it should be easy to connect to you WD and other Servers in your home that hold media.

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Thanks… saw the specs… but sometimes things just dont work…  I am odd apparently…no interest whatsoever in themes…  I just want to watch movies and play music.

The device itself does not really matter. You are not having the WD Hub streaming anything in that context. You are just accessing the hard drive inside it that its sharing on the network.

The box you are viewing is doing all the work, so if it can access shared drives/folders it can access the Hub.