Can’t update wd live tv to firmware 2.03.20

Hello all, I can not update my wd live tv to firmware 2.03.20 when I go to update firmware it says no internet connection even though it is connected and I have tried USB but doesn’t work either any ideas?

you are downloading the firmware for the WDTV Live Streaming Media Player ?

also, any reason why you want to update 4 years after the firmware’s release ?

most of the releases notes in the firmware are to remove services that are no longer supported and the other services the notes mention are well past current support as well. Which is what happens to discontinued devices.

Yes for the wd live, and the reason is I have one and have had no issues with it and bought one for my father in-law and need to update it to the same firmware mine has as it doesn’t play everything we need like mine does and the only reason I can come up with is the firmware which I can’t seem to update